Stickman Games (The Legend Continues): Play Stickman Games Online Today

Back in the early days of the Internet, stickmen everything was all the rage. You have stickmen matrix in the form of the Xiao Xiao series that became a genre all its own (with your prerequisite Matrix parodies of course, because the Matrix sequels were just released recently along with Shaolin Soccer, plus naive folk were still clamoring for a Dragon Ball movie because they didn’t know better). Then in comes Stickman Games. You can Play stickman games online anytime you want. You can actually do an interactive version of the Xiao Xiao series with a stickman of your own, which were also commonplace during the heyday of such browser games.

Stickman Games on the Internet and Some Such

Stickman Olympic Sports Games According to Google: Among the first results when it comes to Stickman Games is an Olympics sports game featuring stickmen athletes that engage in sports like Archery, Freestyle, Long Jump, Javelin, Hurdles, and the 100-Meter Dash. They’re mostly controlled by swipes and taps, though. So good luck with that. The game got enough positive press to merit at least a mediocre score, so perhaps the controls were satisfactory enough to many other players (I can’t say the same for me).

Stickman Action Games That Are Interactive Xiao Xiao Clones: Like Bruce Lee, the Chinese-made Xiao Xiao series has gotten a lot of imitators and outright imposters. So when looking for Stickman games, expect to end up with XIao Xiao clones involving guns, kung-fu fighting, knives, or even fully rendered helicopter chases (or your prerequisite Matrix parodies or Bullet Time mechanics) in the mix depending on how advanced or crappy the game is. These games are easier to make than fully rendered sprite or 3D games, after all.

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Stickman 1-on-1 Fighting Games and Whatnot: Ever since that Stickman parody of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure villain known as Dio Brando and his “The World” power became net famous (and out of context, it looked quite insane, with the stick figure Dio stopping time and dropping a construction vehicle over his enemy before screeching, “Wryyyyyyyyyyyyy!”), it’s only natural that fighting games with Stickmen became a thing. After all, the original JoJo parody used sound clips from the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure game made by Capcom and all (the makers of Street Fighter).

Stickman Game Parodies Galore: Do you love Happy Wheels? Why not play a game parodying it with Stickman figures? Ditto when it comes to every other Flash or browser game to come out in the last ten years, from various platformers in the same vein as Super Mario to role playing games like Stick RPG. Remember the Crash Test Dummy Game? There’s a Crash Test Stickman game out there too. Some Stickman games even attempt to make a whole narrative involving stickmen reminiscent of The Last of Us.

The Stickmen Cometh

Stickmen are more ubiquitous than you think. They’re easy to draw, so many YouTube animators use Stickmen in order to churn out humorous content involving them on a weekly or monthly basis. The XKCD webcomic by Randall Munroe is made of stick figures but became popular anyway because of the content of the strips (not just the art). This is also the reason why many web content creators for browser games choose Stickmen as their sprites. They can do better movement with them since they’re such simple figures. The spirit of the old Xiao Xiao kung-fu shorts live on with these Stickmen browser games.